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About Waiting List:

  1. We require a $300 deposit to join our waiting list.
  2. “First come, first choose”. Choosing is in order.
  3. If you want to reserve a kitten, a $200 reservation fee is required. You can always wait and skip until you find one you want to reserve.

Adoption Processions:

  1. We update our available kittens on social media and website when approximately two months old.
  2. Our waiting list follows ” First Come First Service”. 
  3. Please feel free to send me a message about kittens you are interested in details via the website, Instagram, or email.
  4. All of my kittens’ reservation fee is $500. The final payment will be due 48 hours prior to the kitten going home if you need a nanny service. Or you can pay it when you pick the kitten up in person.
  5. We will sign our contract when the final payment is placed. 

Earlier pick-up Processions:

  1.  Our price includes spay/neuter. But if you want to pick up earlier and do the spay/neuter surgery by yourself, the deposit of a ” Spay/Neuter Certificate” should be given.
  2. Kittens should be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. 
  3. After I receive the  ” Spay/Neuter Certificate” from your vet, a deposit of ” Spay/Neuter Certificate” will be refunded.
  4. There is no way that our kittens can be picked before 3 months old!!!

Pick-up or Delivery Processions:


  • Local Pick- Up is free of charge: Ontario, Rowland heights, Monterey Park, Baker and etc.
  • Airport Pick-up: ONT is free of charge.

We do not ship our kittens/cats as Cargo!!!


  • Local Door-to-Door delivery: based on miles and time.
  • Bay Area, San Fransisco: Same-day driver service: $200.
  • Las Vegas same-day driver service: $200.
  • In other states in the USA except Hawaii, we will ask a third company nanny for help. The approximate cost is $550,  the accurate fee will depend on individual circumstances.
  • Canada delivery please contact me for more details.

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