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What should I buy before picking kittens up?

  • Here are some useful websites/stores I like to buy cats’ supplies: 
  • Chewy: They have plenty of promotions like ” Buy $100 can get a $30 Gift Card”. And they have great customer service.
  • Amazon:  If you have Amazon Prime, it is a great choice for you to get supplies in two days. Sometimes, they have promotions like “Buy $100, get $30 off”
  • Petsmart: You can find Petsmart easily in each city.
  • Petco: Same as Petsmart, shopping online will have extra discounts.
  • Target: Pets’ Bowls are great.  


  • Carrier
  • Cat water fountain and cat bowl
  • Cat scratching post
  • Cat tree with scratching Post
  • Litter Box
  • Feliway
  • Dry food and food storage container
  • Wet food


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